Saturday, July 15, 2017

Miami Beach Convention Center

A prominent fixture in the city of Miami Beach since its opening in 1958, the Miami Beach Convention Center is rolling out an exciting renovation project guaranteed to enhance the exhibition hall's already strong reputation as the premiere location for hosting all manner of commercial and recreational events. Set to complete in 2018, the massive and well-planned overhaul of the site will further enhance the celebrated convention hall's capacity and potential, further cementing its reputation as the heart of Miami Beach's historical, cultural, and artistic roots.

Past and Present

Originally known as the Miami Beach Exhibition Hall, the Convention Center has grown dramatically over its almost three decades in operation. The Center was built as a necessary response to the rapidly expanding tourist industry, and has continued to support curious visitors from around the globe. Surrounded by many other points of historic and cultural significance, the Miami Beach Convention Center has truly become a cultural nexus for the local community. Prominent sites that have sprung up and grown significantly within the Center's ample borders include the bustling Lincoln Road shopping and commerce hub, a vibrant and popular botanical garden, the solemn and respectful Holocaust Memorial, and the Frank Gehry designed building for the renowned New World Symphony.

With its reputation as a top-tier host for all manner of events, the Miami Beach Convention Center has facilitated an eclectic collection of conventions, athletic events, and public gatherings. The Center was host to the legendary boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston, and was a frequent venue for a number of professional wrestling events. More recently, the Convention Center hosts a number of popular conventions, including Art Basel, the South Florida Auto Show, Forgiato Fest, Florida Supercon, and other events.

The Future

Scheduled to be completed in 2018, the Miami Beach Convention Center is currently undergoing a massive upgrade designed to enhance the site's role as a key center for the community's cultural and historic interests. The revamp will enable the LEED-certified facility to remain competitive with expectations of the domestic and international convention community. It includes plans for a revolutionary public park which will draw crowds with its open and shaded spaces. This dovetails well with the Art in Public Places project, which will allow new and upcoming artists to share their works with the local community. Tourists looking for hotel near Miami Beach Convention Center will definitely increase now the the project is nearing its completion.

The canal edge, a host to a rich a vibrant ecosystem, is receiving much needed improvements that will ensure long-term sustainability of these local habitats. The all new enclosed loading dock will allow for future event holders to more easily access the venue, further enhancing their ability to set up and perform their unique events. Furthermore, updated floor plans, which include a gorgeous 60,000 square foot ballroom located on the second floor, will allow even larger crowds to safely experience events hosted at the enhanced center from cultural
luminaries both local and abroad.