Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tamiami International Orchid Festival 2013

The Tamiami International Orchid Festival, a major orchid event now in its eighth year, is coming to the Fuch’s Pavilion at the Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo Center(10901 Coral Way) on January 26th, and 27th 2013. The Festival has become far and away the largest orchid event of the season and hence is billed as “South Florida’s Winter Orchid Extravaganza”. Truly national and international in scope, the Tamiami International Festival brings together fifty growers from the US and around the world. Orchidists from Taiwan and the Philippines will join growers from Brazil, Jamaica, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru as well as local and national growers. Many of these leading orchid nurseries have never before exhibited in South Florida and will be offering the public new varieties of orchid species and hybrids not previously available here.
Miami’s first orchid event of the year will be not only the first but the biggest and best! 
The Festival is open to the public from 10:00AM- 8:00 PM Saturday and 10-6 Sunday. Plan to be there! Is a amazing experience!

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