Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Miami Spa Month

Greater Miami and the Beaches is renowned for luxury spas that rank among the “Best Spas in America,” and are beloved by spa connoisseurs around the world.

Indulge in the highest standards of pampering and relaxation during the seventh annual Miami Spa Month throughout July and August 2014. Enjoy rejuvenating special treatments for as low as $99 at Miami’s premier spas.

Rest and relaxation and heat and humidity can be mutually exclusive. There’s no question summer can be an exhausting season for the sun-spoiled denizens of Miami -- with sweltering temperatures rising by the day and sporadic rain showers practically every other day, the price one pays to live in the Magic City can take its toll on just about anyone.

This summer, there’s no better excuse to escape the heat than to take advantage of the $99 deals offered by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau's Miami Spa Month. 

Come, live the life in its most relaxing form in  Miami Spa Month. Relax,rejuvenate and renew that is the best form.

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