Saturday, April 15, 2017

Miami Fashion Week

Miami Fashion Week is the largest fashion event for Caribbean and Latin American fashion designers. This week long show happens every year in the spring and features Latin and
general fashions from beachwear designs and intimate wear to evening and menswear. The designs often cater to the main culture and lifestyle in Miami.

The 2017 event will be the 19th anniversary of Miami Fashion Week. This year, it will feature Antonio Banderas who has been the MFW's honorary president since the fashion week last year. He is excited to play this role as he understands the important of fashion and also admires many of MFW's prominent designers. Also attending are top fashion designers who will also headline as speakers to the delight of the Miami Fashion Institute and Miami Dade College students who will be attending. Guests will be able to shop, view hundreds of pieces by many prominent designers, attend the many runway fashion shows and even rub elbows with celebrities both in the fashion world and from other areas.

The Fashions

It's always exciting to see what creations will be brought onto the runway. Last Year's lineup was pretty spectacular.

Ana Maria Guiulfo's designs have been featured in fashion shows since 2007. Her pieces offer a breath of fresh air while still being wearable.

Yirko Sivirich was another designer that caught everyone's attention last year. This Peruvian's designs for men include suit jackets, dress shirts and one-of-a-kind over wear. He also has some novelty pieces that are made up of bright colors, flowery designs and pinks for men and cool loose fitting clothing that are a welcome change from the norm.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada creates designs that clearly show some of the differences between Caribbean and Latin American designs and designs from other parts of the world. She designs clothes for men, women and children. Her designs are fun, light, sweet, and one collection featuring lovable casual wear for women is even given the name "Crazy Forever".

Andres Sarda's designs from Barcelona are bold and breathtaking. He designs a lot of lingerie and swimwear, but there are some day wear fashion pieces for women. He had the runway all to himself last year, and when you see his designs you will know why.

Rene Ruiz is another designer who secured his own personal runway at the 2016 Miami Fashion Week. His designs are both luxurious in style and in the textiles used. He grew up in Miami, and a lot of his ideas and inspiration is from this city. He designs dresses and gowns for women with painstaking detail, and has been the go-to fashion designer for celebrities for years now.

Whether you are an aspiring designer or you love fashion, you will enjoy the surprises 2017 Miami Fashion Week has in store.

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