Saturday, March 4, 2017

Miami Beach Art Deco Distric

The Art Deco District located in Miami Beach, Florida is part of the Register of Historic Places due to the historical significance of 800 buildings. Most of these were constructed between 1923 and 1943. The buildings are gorgeous with sleek curves, porthole styled windows, terrazzo flooring, glass blocks and shiny chrome.

Many of the buildings fly flags from the ocean liners that used the dock in the 1930's. The hotels are luxurious and extravagant. The Marseilles Hotel is in Miami Beach's heart and soul.
The Marseilles Hotel combines comfort, sophistication, serenity and charm. There are photographs available at

The entire area is reminiscent of a postcard and has always drawn the biggest of Hollywood stars such as Rita Hayworth, Carole Lombard and Clark Gable. It is no wonder when just a couple steps takes you to beaches filled with sapphire waves and golden sand. The skyline is stunning and nothing short of magnificent. Musicians sing and play instruments in the park filling the air with rhythm.

The Miami Preservation League was founded in 1976 and makes its home here. They have stopped the bulldozers and restored numerous hotels to the days of their grandeur. Their tours are fascinating and brochures and colorful books are available.

The Spanish styled mansion that once housed the Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace is a must see. This 1930 residence is named Casa Casaurina. This is now a private mansion featuring amazing parties.

There is even a tower twelve stories tall which was designed by L. Murray Dixon in 1936. This is an art deco monolith with beautiful porthole windows. The curves on the building are the epitome of art deco.

The buildings are restored and you can see the original light sconces, furniture and woodwork. There are illustrious collections of art, deco pools and waterfalls. Esther Williams used the outline of the waterfall in movies from the forties and fifties. MTV filmed a dance show in the same location several decades later. How much more luxurious can it be than to have a poolside bar with full service right next to a wood burning pizza oven.

There is so much to see and do in the Deco Art District. Lincoln Road is an outdoor mall with the most charming shops and boutiques. This entire area is steeped in history, stories, beauty, elegance and class. This is a place everyone should see only one visit will never be enough.

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